Why Portable Counters?

Variety of Sizes & Configurations

Our portable counters are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to ensure that your needs are met. Regardless of whether your location has only limited space available or you have all the room in the world to work with, we’re sure to have an option to suit.

Variety of Print Finishes

The portable counters offered by Displays Direct are available in a variety of print finishes in order to provide you with a cohesive look when paired with other components of your display. Your graphics are digitally printed and connected to the unit, ready and raring to go!

Internal Options

Many of the counters in our range offer an internal shelf that can be used for storage during your event. This is perfect for spare promotional material and even a drink bottle. Some counters also have the option of a lockable door, so you can keep your possessions safe.

Convert to Transit Cases

Some of the counters offered by Displays Direct also double as hard transit cases for transporting many of the other components of your display. When looking at banner and stand components, be sure to check whether the supplied case can be converted into a counter.