iPad Counter

Quickly integrate your iPad into your trade show or exhibition display using our specially designed counters – the iPad is housed in the recessed counter top with bezel, so don’t worry about it being accidentally knocked off. The end result is a flush surface finish. Read more


Protect your Device

Once the counter has been erected, you simply open up the housing and slip your iPad into the void. The returned housing will offer a snug fit until you wish to remove the device. To ensure that charging cords aren’t in the way, they are hidden away inside the counter.

Supplied Carry Case

Our iPad display stands also come with a soft moulded case that measures 63cm x 43cm x 13cm. This makes transporting the counter between locations easier than ever.

High Quality Graphics

You will receive a custom branded high resolution digital print fabric graphic with your iPad display stand, which is stretched tightly over the frame in much the same way that it is on the WaveWall counter.

What generation iPads can the counter house?
Are speakers provided?
What keeps the housing in place and prevents tampering?