Why Pull Up Banner Stands?

Pull Up Banner Uses

These banners are perfect for press conferences, as a part of an exhibition display stand, at corporate meetings or events, at tradeshows, as retail displays, and for use in shopping centres. As they are all very easy to transport, they can be used in any indoor environment where you need to display your message.

Pull Up Banner Sizes

Displays Direct Australia offers a wide range of roll up banner models in a variety of sizes. We have found that the most popular size is approximately 85cm wide x 200cm tall, although many pop up display stands are available in the shorter 150cm size that is often required by shopping centres.

High Resolution Digital Graphics

Displays Direct Australia prints all roll up banners using the best equipment and the latest technology. Our graphics are long lasting and easy to maintain, so your pop up display will always look great. When you need to update your branding, we can also arrange for them to be re-skinned with replacement graphics.

Quality & Affordability

We are committed to offering a range of pull up display banners to suit your needs and budget. They are a fast, easy way to display your message or promote your brand. Please contact us if you require help determining which retractable banner stand is the most suitable for your needs.

Maximise Business Exposure

Roll up banner stands can actually improve your business’ presence and help to draw attention at any event. This is because they offer quite a large surface area that can be used to share your marketing message, contact details and other important information. We even have extra large pull up banners and double sided pull up banners to increase your exposure.

Highly Affordable

At Displays Direct Australia, we pride ourselves on offering competitive pricing for retractable banners in Sydney and around the rest of Australia. We are committed to offering quality retractable banners cheap, ensuring that our clients can obtain the product they want without breaking the bank. For more information on prices, please see individual retractable pull up banner pages.

Pop Up Display Stands

One of the best things about our pop up displays is that they are incredibly easy to assemble and disassemble. You don’t need an army of helpers to set the stand up – instead, it can be done in only a few minutes by a single person. This is ideal for situations where staff might be on their own when it comes to setting up or packing up your tradeshow booth.

Design Tips

Ensuring that your Sydney pullup banners display a clear message should be a top priority for any business. Trying to display too much information at once can be fatal for the design and actually cause your audience to turn away.

  • Consider the size of the banner you have selected. We can provide them in a wide array of sizes to ensure plenty of surface space, including: 1200x2000 pull up banner stands, 1800mm pull up banners, 2.4 m pull up banners, 1.5 pull up banners, and pull up banners 3 metres wide.
  • Remember that certain colours and fonts are easier to read than others, so ensure that your roll up banner stand can be read from a distance. The best way to avoid visibility issues is to keep the design as minimalist as possible – if it’s too busy, the message will be harder to see.