Media Screen XL Banner Stand

Want to really make a statement? Our media screen XL banner stands are some of the biggest on the market, ensuring that everyone will notice you. They’re perfect for press conferences, exhibitions, corporate meetings, tradeshows, retail displays and shopping centres (to name a few).Read more


Extraordinary Height & Width

Ensure that your message really stands out with the amazing height and width of these banners – they’re 3m high and 1.2m wide! Those walking past at tradeshows and exhibitions won’t be able to miss your branding, putting you front and centre.

Stand Alone or Tiled

You have the option to use our media screens alone or to link them together using our patented Expand magnetic coupling feature. Linking them together will help you to create a ‘tiled’ wall that projects your message all day long.

Lightweight & Portable

Whether you need the display set up for only a few minutes or for a few days at a time, you’ll find that it is incredibly easy to erect and transport. This is because the stand is lightweight (weighing in at only 8kg) and the banner is completely retractable.

How to Assemble

Can these banners be double-sided or are they single-sided only?
Can I reuse the banner stand with a new graphic?
Is the banner difficult to transport due to its size?