Why Brochure Stands?

Aesthetically Pleasing

Displays Direct Australia understands that the presentation of your marketing material is imperative to encouraging people to pick it up. Our brochure stands have been designed to smartly display your material, as well as add that perfect finishing touch to your display.

Portable & Lightweight

Many of our brochure stands are highly portable and even come complete with a handy carry case. This ensures that you’re able to take the brochure display holder wherever you need it – simply take it out of the case, fold it out and you’re ready to start stocking your marketing material!

Maximum Organisation

These brochure holders and displays are the perfect way to organise your marketing and informational material. They can get confused and mixed together when laid out on a desk, but when separated in our portable brochure display stands they will be easily accessible.

Suit Many Locations

Our brochure stands can be effectively used in any environment, including: corporate, exhibition, museum and retail (to name a few). No matter what sort of environment you’re in, if you have marketing material to hand out these brochure display systems are the perfect solution.

Varying Configurations

We have a wide range of stands available in different configurations, ensuring that your promotional needs are met with ease. Our range includes: A wide range of portable brochure stands that all come with carry cases. There are front facing display brochure stands as well as double-sided brochure stands. All Displays Direct Australia brochure stands take A4 brochures of varying thickness. All the stands are very easy to use and effective.

Improved Experience

The use of wire brochure holders and zig zag brochure stands actually enhances the experience of potential customers who visit your booth. This is because it provides them with takeaway information, which they can then use to get in touch with you at a later date. Some of our A4 brochure stands upwards also feature covers to protect promotional material from inclement weather.

Design Tips

When it comes to selecting A4 acrylic brochure holders or any of the other products that you see here, it is important that you think carefully about your advertising needs to ensure that the design is appropriate.

  • Consider where the holder is going to be placed, as one used in your store will have different requirements to one used at a tradeshow or other event. If the brochure stand is going to be placed close to a wall then it would be a good idea to have a front facing display stand, but if the stand is to be used in an open area then a display stand that can be accessed from both sides would be the best option.
  • Consider the general size of your advertising material to ensure that you’ve selected A4 brochure stands POS that are able to house your literature. Better yet, consider a stand that is adaptable, as this will allow you to display whatever literature you want.