Expand Brochure Holder

For a stylish and practical solution that effectively offsets your marketing material, we recommend the Expand brochure holder. The overall design is timeless and you’ll find that the stand suits most environments, even when you are strapped for time and space. Read more


Two Available Sizes

The Expand brochure holder is available in two different widths – the 500mm wide version has six generously sized pockets, whilst the 270mm wide version is perfect for those situations where space is limited.

Assembly & Disassembly

This stand is extremely lightweight and easy to set up – it’s actually designed similarly to a tension banner, so the front unrolls and is supported by a central pole that fits into the stabilising foot at the rear.

Supplied Carry Case

At less than 2kg, this brochure holder isn’t all that difficult to transport or store. Even so, we supply a black carry bag that helps you to protect the stand from damage.

What is the size of the stand when fully erected?
What size documents can the pockets hold?