Aero D3 Brochure Stand

With the Aero D3 brochure stand, you’ll never have to worry about ensuring that all of your marketing material is the same size again. Choose between A4, A5 and DL size pockets, or even a combination of sizes to ensure that all of your literature is accessible. Read more


Range of Configurations

The D3 brochure stand can hold up to three rows of literature trays or pockets, around 2cm deep each. The number of pockets will depend on their size and how widely apart they have been set – at the widest setting, you will fit six A4 pockets, nine A5 pockets and twelve DL pockets.

Ease of Use

The stand can be put together in about five minutes without the use of any tools. The heavy steel base provides the stand with stability, whilst aluminium masts are used to tension the steel cables. Finally, the acrylic brochure pockets are secured to the cables using easily adjustable cable fixings.

Lifetime Guarantee

All Aero brochure stands are backed by a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects of the hardware for your peace of mind. This guarantee means that any unlikely defects or problems are dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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