D6 Zed Up Brochure Stand

Do you love the classic “Z” shaped literature stand but wish it was a little more portable? The D6 Zed Up to the rescue! This stand features the attractive “Z” shape, but folds up and down seamlessly to make transportation and movement a breeze. Read more


Dual Side Display

The classic “Z” shape of this brochure stand gives you three trays on either side. As each tray has a depth of 24mm, you can rest assured that it will hold a decent supply of marketing material.

Assembly & Disassembly

In mere seconds, this brochure stand is erected to its full height. All you need to do is take hold of the top tray and gently raise it up; the rest of the frame will follow.

Supplied Carry Case

To make storage and transportation a breeze, the D6 Zed up comes with a black carry bag. Simply slot the folded up stand into the bag and off you go.

What is the size of the stand when fully erected?
What colours does the stand come in?
What is the orientation of the documents?