Cascade Brochure Stand

Are you looking for a brochure stand that not only looks fantastic but is also lightweight and affordable? We’re sure that the Cascade will tick all your boxes – this fold down, four pocket display stand starts at only $318 and can be used to store a variety of marketing material. Read more


Assembly & Disassembly

This stand is incredibly easy to set up and take down thanks to its one-step cantilever system with locking arm. This ensures that one individual will be able to handle the assembly or disassembly in seconds.

Plenty of Pockets

The Cascade offers four transparent brochure pockets that are made from robust polycarbonate for longevity. Each pocket is around 35mm deep, giving you plenty of space to store and display a supply of marketing material without having to constantly top them up.

Supplied Carry Case

To ensure that the stand is adequately protected when not in use or during transit, it packs away into a handy fitted carry case. It’s about the size of a small box and weighs approximately 5.5kg.

What is the size of the stand when fully erected?
What colours does the stand come in?
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