D10 Innovate Brochure Stand

If you have a lot of different marketing materials to display, the D10 innovative brochure stand is for you! It provides you with access to an amazing 10 x A4 pockets, evenly spaced from top to bottom, ensuring that each document is visible and accessible. Read more


Transportable Stand

As the D10 is so easy to set up and take down, it’s highly transportable and can be taken with you anywhere. It is comprised of three pieces that fit neatly into a soft black carry case, which makes transport a breeze.

Curved Design

The slightly curved design of the stand ensures that your paper brochures remain upright, so you don’t have to worry about them falling forwards and bending. This not only makes them easier to access, it keeps them looking neat and professional.

Plenty of Pockets

The D10 offers you an amazing 10 pockets that are able to accommodate documents that are up to A4 size. If you have fewer documents to display, some careful rearranging can easily hide the gaps.

What is the size of the stand when fully erected?
What colours does the stand come in?
Will the pockets accommodate documents smaller than A4?