Roll Up Banner

If you’re looking for industrial strength display solutions, our Roll Up banners are the answer! The width and weight of the base ensures that the banner remains stable, whilst the smart black finish of the casing ensures a truly professional look. Read more


Suits a Variety of Needs

The Roll Up is available in a choice of 5 widths – the standard height is 2150mm, but the 1.5m height often required by shopping centres is also available. These banners can be double-sided if you want to maximise your brand exposure.

Top Quality Graphics

We use a high quality non-curling JetPrint graphic in the creation of our banners. This provides a professional finish with bright colours that pop and crisp images. The banner graphic will last forever – it doesn’t fade and is easy to maintain.

Update with New Graphics

Should you need to change your message or update your branding in the future, our banners can be re-skinned. Simply contact Displays Direct for a replacement – our production team will remove the old graphic and replace it with a newly printed one.

Lifetime Guarantee

The hardware for every Roll Up banner stand is backed by Nimlok’s lifetime warranty against faulty materials and workmanship, providing you with optimal peace of mind

Easy Assembly & Disassembly

These promotional banners are perfect for sales people, as they’re incredibly easy to assemble and disassemble (which is handy when there isn’t anyone to help you set up or take the stall down). All you need to do is pull the banner out to its full length and slot the support pole into the cavities.

Single or Double Sided

Our roll up banner stands can be single or double sided, allowing you to either place the banner in a position where both sides are visible or to have two different messages printed on either side (making the graphic reversible).

How to Assemble

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