Totem Banner

The Totem Banner is a new type of banner that impresses with its style.  It has a slim profile which creates an elegant look.  There is a steel base for stability with a simple aluminium frame that takes just a minute to assemble.  The printed fabric graphic, which can be single or double-sided, stretches over the frame for an impressive, creaseless, presentation.  The base is 35cms deep and 3mm high - almost flat!  There's no ugly silver pull-up banner base attracting attention.  The focus is completely on the banner content.

This banner is perfect for reception areas, conference halls, hotels, hospital foyers etc.  Any location where branding or information needs to be imparted every day, use a Totem Banner.  It just makes sense.

If you need to display product, shelves can be attached to either or both sides of the display for an additional cost.


High Quaity Fabric Print

The quality of the print on the Totem Banner is excellent.  The colours pack a punch and the detail is minute.  The print process is dye sublimation, so you can be confident of great result.

Simple To Assemble

When you receive your Totem Banner you will have it assembled very quickly.  The lightweight tubular aluminium poles clip onto the steel base to create a frame over which the fabric print stretches.  Just zip up the print at the base and you're in business.

Lots of Size and Width Options

The Totem Banner comes in three standard widths 600mm, 900mm & 1200mm.  There are two standard heights 1450mm & 2440mm.  Need a different height - not a problem.  Just let us know your requirements and we can customise the height to match.

Where space is at a premium use the 600mm wide Totem Banner.  When you need to stop people in their tracks, use the 1200mm wide Totem!

Shelves Can Be Added

Need to display product?  Just add some shelves to the Totem Banner to make it a POS display.  Shelves can be on one, or both sides of the display.

Re-skin The Totem Banner

Need to change the image?  No problem.  Just slip the old print off and slip the new one on.  It takes less than a minute.

If you're planning to go to shopping centres then the Totem is also Westfield approved.


Is the Totem Banner Westfield approved?

Yes.  The 900mm x 1450mm size has been approved by Westfield

Is the Totem Banner portable?

Yes.  There is an optional carry case available

Do shelves come with the Totem?

Shelves are an optional extra for the Totem banner

Can I get a custom height?

Yes.  We can provide the Totem in a wide range of heights.

Can I replace the printed graphic?

Yes.  Just order a replacement and when it arrives slip the old one off and put the new on on