Mirror Cartridge Pull Up Banner

The main draw of the Mirror pull up banner display is that it has an interchangeable cartridge – swap multiple messages all whilst using the same base! Read more


Multiple Cartridges Available

One of the great things about the mirror cartridge pull up banner stand is that you can have multiple graphics simply by investing in multiple cartridges. All you need to do is swap out the cartridge depending on the event and the message you want to send.

High Quality Graphics

We use high quality JetPrint digital graphics in order to provide a professional finish. The process results in bright colours that really pop and crisp, clear images. You can also rest assured that the banner graphic will remain flat and that it won’t curl or tear.

Re-Skinning Available

If you need to update your branding or change your message, the cartridges can also be re-skinned. Please contact us for more information on this process or to obtain a quote.

How to Assemble

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Does the mirror banner stand come in different sizes?
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