Transit Case Portable Counter

Minimise the amount of display components that you have to lug around with our range of transit case portable counters – store various components inside for transport and convert the case into a counter once it comes time to set up your booth. Read more


Hard Moulded Plastic

These cases are an optional extra that are generally purchased separately. Whilst a lot of our display products come with a soft case, some people prefer our hard moulded plastic ones because they offer a little more protection. These cases also feature a butterfly latch and inset wheels.

Internal Size

These cases are actually quite large in size – 675mm wide x 395mm deep x 956mm high. Inside, there’s room for a pop up display, lights and possibly a pull up banner or two. Depending on the size of your booth, you might be able to transport everything you need all at once.

High Quality Graphics

As an optional extra, you can also get a digitally printed fabric sleeve. This fits over the case, much like a sock, before the addition of the top in order to convert it into a counter. All graphics come in full colour for maximum brand impact.

How to Assemble

How much do these cases weigh?
Can I purchase a case without a graphic sleeve?
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