Ship Case Portable Counter

Do you like the idea of a transit case that doubles as a counter but are looking for something a little different? Our ship case portable counter is unlike any of the others in our range – they can be used to carry a variety of display components and convert to a counter with ease. Read more


Transit Case & Counter

The Ship Case is a handy wheeled transit case that allows you to safely transport and store your display equipment (such as a WaveWall or Campaign Wall and lights). With the use of our conversion kit, it also becomes a handy branded portable counter.

Counter Conversion

The case is comprised of hard moulded plastic with aluminium supports and has inset wheels for easy transportation. To convert it into a counter, simply slide the digitally printed graphic wrap over the case (like a sock) and place the counter on the top.

High Quality Graphic Wrap

The counter comes complete with a digital graphic wrap that is printed in full colour. If you want alternative graphics or require your branding to be updated, new ones can be ordered.

How to Assemble

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