Pop-Up Portable Counter

These generously sized counters offer large graphic areas, ensuring that your brand will be front and centre whenever you exhibit. The back of the counter is completely open, ensuring that you have easy access to additional storage space for the event’s duration. Read more


Assembly & Disassembly

The pop-up counter is faster and easier to set up than ever before! The sturdy frame is put together with magnetic bars that clip into place. The graphic, which features magnetic strips, is then placed on the front. Finally, the curved timber counter top fits easily into place to complete the display.

Supplied Carry Cases

In order to safely transport the counter or store it when not in use, you will also receive three padded nylon cases. There is one each for the lightweight frame, polished timber counter top and magnetic bars; the graphic is stored rolled up in a tube.

High Quality Graphics

The graphic wrap that comes with these counters is printed and laminated before being mounted onto PVC flex. This provides it with additional rigidity and strength, ensuring that it won’t sag or even fall off once secured to the front of the counter.

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