WaveWall Portable Counter

If you’re looking for a counter that is quick to assemble, lightweight and offers a premium appearance, the WaveWall portable counter is for you! This model is perfect for exhibitions and trade shows, particularly when paired with complementing display components like the WaveWall. Read more


Quality Construction

The counter frame is comprised of aluminium pole supports and also features a black timber top and base. Your custom graphic is printed onto stretch fabric, which is placed around the frame and stretched taut for a wrinkle free finish.

Supplied Carry Case

Our WaveWall counters come with a soft moulded carry case, which ensures that they’re adequately protected whilst in transit or storage. It measures approximately 740mm x 350mm x 110mm.

High Quality Graphics

The counter comes fully equipped with a high quality fabric graphic printed in full colour. Because of the way that the graphic attaches to around the frame, you never have to worry about ironing it.

How to Assemble

Does the counter come with shelves or lockable doors?
What is the size of the counter when assembled?
Are other heights available?