Clamshell Counter

Love our Expand podium counter but not so in love with the price? Our clamshell counter is the perfect – and more affordable – alternative! Read more


Quality Construction

The Clamshell portable counter works in pretty much exactly the same way as the Expand Podium Counter – it opens up like a clamshell with a folding counter on the top. There are two removable shelves on the inside, integrated wheels in the base and a kicker strip that hides the base from view.

Transit Case & Counter

One of the main reasons that so many people want these counters is that they also double as a transit case – and they’re quite roomy inside! You’ll be able to transport an entire pop-up display or four pull up banners, minimising the amount of components you need to lug around.

High Quality Graphics

The front of the counter features a beautiful printed graphic with your business’ logo. When closed, the graphic is rolled up in a tube and stored inside to keep it safe.

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