Odyssey Counter

A lightweight counter that is so easy to assemble and solid as a rock.  This counter will serve multiple purposes for your business.  It can be used as a permanent display counter, or taken on the road by sales staff and it will look totally professional on your trade show stand.


Easy to set-up

The tubular aluminium frame slots together and comes apart very simply.  Each component is marked and matches the point where it fits, so there's no guessing.  The fabric print stretches over the frame and zips up around the base.  Screw the four feet into place.  The two-part plexi-glass counter top fits together and is held in place with Velcro.  Totally secure and stable.

Fabric Printing

The Odyssey counter comes with our high resolution digital fabric print which will bring your graphics to life.

Internal storage

The internal space within the counter can be accessed via an inverted T-shaped zip at the back of the counter.  A large space where smaller items can be hidden.


How much weight can be placed on the counter?

The counter will easily carry 60 kilos spread over the counter top.

How long does it take to assemble?

The counter can be assembled in five Minutes.

Can the print be replaced?

Yes changing the print is easy.  You might even have multiple prints for the one frame.

Does the carry case fit inside the counter?

Yes the case can be folded up and stored inside.