How to Make Your Business Stand Out with Exhibition Display Stands
26 July 2018, Posted by Exhibition Stands on Exhibition Stands

Do you want better results from tradeshows and events? Are you looking for a booth that wows potential customers and stops them in their tracks? Tradeshows and exhibitions are a great way to generate leads for your business and nurture relationships with clients (both new and existing). To get the most out of your exhibition display stands, we’ve compiled a list of ways to help your business stand out from the crowd.

  1. First Impressions Count
    If you don’t make a good first impression, then customers aren’t going to stop at your stand – it’s as simple as that. In fact, studies have shown that you’ll need to communicate your brand message in three seconds or less. For a good first impression, you want to communicate your message clearly and succinctly. Don’t confuse people with too much text. You’ll need to create a display that guides people on where to look and how to navigate your stand. When done properly, good design and engaging graphics will do most of the work for you.
  2. Have a single focus
    As we’ve touched on, people can be easily overwhelmed and confused. Focus on the type of person you want to attract – such as a foodie, sport lover, or tech enthusiast – and tailor your to that person. Using these simple insights into your target audience should transform how you put your booth together, because now you’re not trying to sell your product, you’re trying to engage your audience. Remember, three seconds isn’t long, so focus on a single concept, and have your booth reflect that. This will ensure your message has a real impact.
  3. Interaction is engaging
    Give your visitors something to do! That way they will want to visit your stand, and when they get there, they’ll want to stay longer. Interaction has a huge range of benefits for your business. Your visitors will develop an emotional and physical connection to your brand, which will help them remember you. Plus, with the right activity, you can collect data and information which will help your business grow. Consider a competition where entrants have to leave their details, or a hands-on demonstration so they know how to use your products, or even a photo wall which they can pose in front of and post to social media with your #brandname.
  4. Discounts and give-aways
    Everyone loves a bargain, and if they know they can get one at your people will come in droves. Consider a unique offer that only attendees can take advantage of on the day, such as a secret discount code, can create a sense of urgency to visit your booth. Or, you could hand out freebies, like samples and gifts. Or give added value when they buy on the day, such as a free cook book when you buy this set of pans today, or two consultation sessions for the price as one.

An engaging and enticing display doesn’t just come down to how many colours and graphics you use – though there is no denying that that is important as well. You want to give your customers an experience to remember you by. A good exhibition stand should appeal to your target audience and leave lasting impressions. We hope these tips have helped you to get the most out of your custom stands and your whole event in general.