3 Ways to Make Your Brochure Holders More Impactful
19 February 2019, Posted by Brochure Holders on Brochure Holders

In the ideal world, your staff members would be able to spend as much time with potential customers as needed, answering any questions about your brand and products that they may have. If you’re feeling stretched thin and your customers aren’t getting the information they need, then pamphlets and brochures offer an excellent way to convey details about your products and services. To ensure that they are seen by the highest number of people for the maximum impact, follow these tips on selecting and setting up your brochure holders.

  1. Place the stand in a premium location

Whilst the brochure itself may carry the code to cracking the universe, no one will stop to read one if they aren’t placed in an easily accessible location. For instance, if your brochures offer instructions on a specific new product that your business is stocking, you can’t expect your customers to put two and two together if you have placed the stand on the opposite side of the room! Alternatively, if your pamphlet is on your business in general, then consider placing it near the entrance to your premises so the customer can immediately learn more about your brand. The best way to ensure your are impactful is to ensure they are seen!

  1. Choose a display that represents your brand

With a range of on the market, you may be feeling overwhelmed and tempted to just choose the cheapest option. While this may be your best choice if you’re sticking to a very tight budget, we recommend putting a little more thought into it than that. Whether your customer realises it or not, they are absorbing everything about your trade show stall or business space, and using that information to create their impressions of your business. For that reason, investing in a display that fits within the image you’re trying to create is critical, otherwise it will stick out like a sore thumb.

  1. Market your brand 24/7

Think back to the last time you went strip shopping. If you came across a shop front that was closed for the evening, did you hurry past without sparing a second thought, or did you take a moment to look at their window display? By placing your outside your place of work when you’ve closed for the night can allow passers-by to collect a pamphlet to read at their leisure and contact you during your opening hours if they like what they see! Be sure to invest in a stand that is durable and waterproof, and you can expose your marketing material to potential customers you wouldn’t have been able to reach otherwise!

There is no denying that the information written in your brochures is critical for engaging with your audience. However, to ensure this content is read by the right people, you need to invest in premium brochure holders and place them in well-thought out locations. If you’re still feeling confused or overwhelmed, do not hesitate to speak with the team at displays direct today!