Tips To Improve Your Pop Up Display Stands
02 May 2018, Posted by Brochure Holders on Brochure Holders

Did you know that the average tradeshow attendee will only spend 6 seconds looking at your stand before they decide whether to interact with your sales team or move onto the next booth? When you have such a short time to make an impression, the design of your pop up display stands can make a huge difference to the amount of attention your business gets.

In this guide, we have gathered the basics of effective design for stands – read on to learn more about how you can improve the look and feel of yours.

What You Should Know, As A Designer

Since these stands are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes, you’ll need to factor visibility into your design. Before finalising the design, you’ll also need to take any curves into account. Using the same design that you would for a banner, for example, can result in visibility issues – D-panels are visible from the rear, the side and the front (making complicated designs difficult to see).

Dimensions & Structure – How It Works

As we’ve already noted, these stands are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Choosing the right size and shape for your booth is vital for your success at any tradeshow. If you really want to make an impression, a bigger display can be a great tool for catching the attention of attendees and standing out. Seek assistance if you aren’t sure what size you require.

Create Eye Catching, Stylish Designs

Your display is the first thing that most attendees will see about your business, so it’s important to ensure it has been properly designed. Remember that the stand’s goal is to capture attention and tell people about the core benefits, features and values of your business. Keep your message straightforward and simple. Focus on something eye catching and interesting rather than in-depth.

Sell The Benefits, Not Just The Features

It can be tempting to sell your product or service based only on its features (such a new technology). When designing a display stand, however, you need to focus on selling the benefits first and the features later. Remember that you’re not going to be the only business at the tradeshow offering your particular product or service, so focus on what makes you a better choice.

Be Consistent And Ensure Your Brand Shines

Tradeshow displays don’t exist in isolation. After a prospect interacts with you at an event, they’ll most likely follow up by looking at your website and branding materials. Keep your stand’s colour scheme and basic design consistent with your existing branding to create a smooth transition from the event to your sales process, increasing your lead-to-customer conversion rate.

By using the above tips and information, you should notice a significant improvement in the look and feel of your pop up display stands. Do not forget to seek assistance if required when making your selection. The next time you’re exhibiting at a tradeshow or other event, take a look at what the businesses around you are doing – how do your new stands compare?