The Benefits and Uses of Brochure Holders and Displays
13 September 2018, Posted by Brochure Holders on Brochure Holders

Whether you’re attending a tradeshow or event, or just want your feature products to be front and centre in your store, you need to put your best foot forward. When it comes to advertising, if you want to be successful, you need to use tactics that will help you stand out from the crowd. Whilst it pays to inform your customers about your products and services with brochures and pamphlets, you need to ensure they pick them up in the first place. Should you simply hand them out to your customers, or is investing in brochure holders and displays a better idea?

  • Can hold more than one brochure
    One of the main drawbacks of simply handing out your market material, is that you can only hold so many brochures at once. If you have pamphlets for more than one product, you’ll need more than one employee to hand them out, and maybe even a third staff member to restock your supplies every few minutes. With our holders, you can stock as many brochures as you need, on as many subjects as you deem necessary – all with minimal effort on your part.
  • A clean and tidy space
    No one likes looking at mountains of mess and even if you fan your brochures out the counter, they could be a mess within minutes. Your customers aren’t going to want to sort through piles of paper just to find the brochure they’re looking for – but with you can ensure your marketing material remains neat and organised, and your customers will thank you for it.
  • Suitable for many locations
    There is no point investing in displays that you can only use once, which is why we’ve designed our holders to be usable in a variety of locations. From the tradeshow to the boutique store, you can take them with you anywhere. Not only will this make you instantly recognisable to repeat customers, it means you can take your stands with you to range of third party locations and ensure your advertising doesn’t suffer as a result.
  • Many designs available
    If your worried that our displays won’t match your brand, then fear not. We have a huge range of materials and designs to ensure your business is always properly represented. Choose from acrylic, timber and metals for your base – we’ve found many people prefer a clear acrylic to show off as much of their material as possible. Once you’ve chosen your material, you can then decide what size you’re looking for, from countertop styles, to wall mounted options, and free-standing racks. The individual pockets you choose can be A3 or A4, depending on your brochure size and orientation.

Whatever your brand, it’s easy to use brochure holders and displays to your advantage. They will allow your customers to browse your marketing material at leisure and choose pamphlets which apply to them. They will keep your shop or stall looking more organised and efficient, and your clients will appreciate a more enjoyable experience. Unsure which stand is right for you? Contact our expert team.