Advantages Of Using Pop Up Displays
25 August 2017, Posted by Banners on Banners

Whether you’re presenting at an upcoming event or looking to market new products around your store, pop up displays could be just the solution you’ve been looking for. They offer a number of advantages over other types of stand, making them an eye-catching and professional choice for any application. Other stands simply cannot compete with their good looks and ease of use.

We’ve outlined just some of these advantages in the list below:

  • Accessories
    There are a variety of accessories available, which can enhance your use of pop up displays. The most popular of these is a carry case, which makes it easier than ever to transport the stand. Some cases also double as a portable counter – simply close it up, slip the skin on and you’re good to go. Lights can also be attached for more impact.
  • Available Shapes
    These displays are available in a choice of straight or curved frames, allowing you to achieve the look you desire. Straight frames are perfect for applications where you’re short on space, as they can sit flush to a wall or form a backdrop. Curved frames curve slightly inwards, creating an aesthetically pleasing stand.
  • Available Sizes
    One of the best things about these displays is that they’re available in an array of different sizes, ensuring that you’re able to find the perfect match for your needs. Whether you’re manning a booth or setting up in your store, there will be certain size restrictions that you have to work with – these stands will tick all the boxes.
  • Connection Points
    All graphics are connected to the frames using Velcro, which is incredibly easy to use. Simply slip the graphic over the frame, slide it into place and secure using the Velcro strips. The great thing about Velcro is that it can be easily adjusted in the graphic isn’t sitting right and it holds together well, even across hours.
  • Digital Graphics
    To ensure that colours and images are exactly what you see on your computer screen, all graphics are printed using the very best and latest technology. This results in high resolution digital graphics, which are long lasting and easy to maintain. They can even be reskinned should you decide to change up your branding in the future.
  • Simple Assembly
    One of the biggest advantages of these displays is that they’re incredibly easy to put together. They can be assembled or disassembled by one person in only a few minutes, which leaves you plenty of time to get your booth ready or prepare the store for the day. It’s also great if you’re by yourself, as you won’t need a spotter.

As you can see, there are a number of advantages to using pop up displays over other types of stand. At Displays Direct, we work with a variety of displays that cover all shapes and sizes, ensuring that you’re able to find your perfect match. For more information on our products or to place an order, be sure to contact our helpful team on (02) 9439 4399.