Wavelite Backlit Display Wall

Wavelite Display Wall

A Wavelite Display will catch everyone's attention. The beautiful backlit stretch fabric graphics will take your brand to another level.  Your artwork will POP!

This is one of the thinest fabric light boxes on the market.  The tubular aluminium frame is simple to assemble and only 50mm thick. The Wavelite has an array of LED lights that generate a strong, evenly diffused, glow across the whole print projecting a brilliant and vibrant image.


Fabric backlit print

The Wavelite Display has a single-sided, wrinkle resistant, fabric print that is backed by a total blockout fabric on the back which ensures all the light travels in only one direction.  The fabric graphic stretches over the frame and zips up to create a smooth finish. The zip provides easy access to the lights and power cables.

Four sizes available

The Wavelite comes in four widths 1m, 1.6m, 2.2m & 3m.  The height for every width is 2.5m.

Included in the kit

  • Straight aluminium tubular frame
  • Single-side stretch, backlit, fabric print with blockout layer on the rear
  • Light arrays and power supply in protective cases
  • Carry case for the whole kit

How long does it take to assemble the Wavelite Display?

Obviously the first time you assemble the display it will take a little longer than when you've had some practice, but once you are familiar with it, probably 10-15 minutes.

Can I plug the display into the normal wall power point?

Yes.  The display comes with everything you need to set up and plug straight into a wall socket.

Can I change the artwork on the display?

Yes.  You can have one frame with multiple artworks.

Can the lights break when they are packed into the case?

The lights come with their own moulded protective carry case so they should be safe if they are handled well.