The Infinity Light Wall

The Infinity is a continuous, edge-lit, modular, light box display.  Each unit can be used separately, or linked together to create a never ending wall of light.  The snap together frame and high deffinition SEG prints (silicon edged graphics) make it a total breeze to assemble.

The Infinity provides the ultimate in illuminted display graphics.  The high powered lighting provides a consistant glow across the entire print providing an exciting viewing experience.  Plus the walls can be single or double-sided.  Your choice.  Change the graphics over - no problem!  A two minute job.


Easy Assembly

The backlit Infinity display is the best solution to make your brand Pop!  The display parts simply click together to form the frame.  The LED lights are integral to the frame, so there's no work to be done.  The power supply attaches to the frame with easy connectors.  The fabric graphics have a silicon edge that makes them a breeze to push into the channel around the frame.

Linked Frames

The frames can link together to create an almost seamless backlit image.  They can be used separately or together.  Either single or double-sided.  There are lots of options.

Frame Sizes

There are three frame width sizes of 950mm, 1400mm and 2953mm.  There are three heights 1360mm, 2000mm & 2400mm.  Frames of any height can be linked, so you can even create a stepping effect.

All the Infinity components fit into one plastic moulded, wheeled case.


Can the units be used together?

Yes.  They are designed to be used individually or linked together to form a continuous wall.

Can the Infinity be re-skinned?

Yes.  The light box prints are easy to change in just a couple of minutes.

Is the Inifinity battery operated?

No.  The display comes with a power supply that needs to be plugged into a wall socket.