Sign Up POS Banner

If you’re searching for an economical banner solution, our SignUp POS banner is the ideal solution. We have three different sizes available online (each at affordable price points) and encourage you to contact us directly for pricing on other configurations. Read more


Freestanding & Lightweight

Some of the main draws of this banner are that it is freestanding, sturdy and ultra lightweight. One person will be able to easily carry, assemble and disassemble the banner without issue.

Supplied Carry Bag

To ensure that the banner is transported and stored correctly, we also supply a black carry bag. It features a handy shoulder strap, which makes carrying it around a breeze.

Affordable Choice

The SignUp banner is actually one of our most economical choices, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a quality product with stunning graphics for an economical price.

Is there a guarantee?
Can these banners be double-sided or are they single-sided only?
What sizes can I order online?