Rectangular Flag

Rectangular flags, also known as block banners, are a highly portable flag system that can be put together in minutes. They come with a fully equipped carry case, which makes storing the flag and moving it between locations a breeze. Use indoors or outdoors without issue! Read more


Base Options

These flags are available with a choice of three feet options to help prevent them from being knocked or blown over – spike, heavy flat or cross feet with a water tank base. This also ensures that the banner will suit a variety of environments and surfaces.

Three Available Sizes

These flags are available in three different sizes – 2m, 3m and 4m tall – ensuring that there is an option for every situation. All of these sizes are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Attractive Graphics

We use the latest in fabric printing technology to provide a vibrant graphic that is sure to withstand the harsh Australian climate. These flags are available as a single print (with a reverse image visible on the other side) or as a double print (with an image printed on either side).

What is the frame made of? Is there a chance it will bend in the wind?
What if I need to update my message or branding?
Do the images on both sides of the flag have to be the same?