Light Box Wall

Easy to assemble, no tools needed, the Light Box Wall display is a revolution in backlit display walls. Exhibitions, retail or events with the Light Box Wall display come to life like never before.

The Light Box Wall is a backlit wall with four printed fabric sides that have even glow across the entire display.

Each print has a silicon bead stitched into its hem which presses into the edge of the frame leaving a clean, sharpe, finish. Or if you just want three sides, no problem, we'll include a blockout fabric for the back of the wall.


The Light Box Wall has an aluminium frame that is assembled without tools. The frame parts are colour coded to simplify the assembly process. Each side of the display has a printed fabric graphic, finished with a silicon edge, that easily pushes into a channel that runs around the circumference of the display.  The stretch graphics pull taught across the frame leaving a crisp finish.

The flat frame is supplied with two sided light arrays that flood the whole display with an even light. Use the frames by themselves or group them together for greater effect.  Add a backlit counter for even greater effect.

The kit includes the flat frame, one set of printed silicon edge backlit graphics, the light arrays, power supplies, and a hard transit case.


Can the frames be linked?

The frames don't link together, but can be positioned together to create longer walls or shapes.

What print quality can I expect on the graphics that are supplied?

The print is top quality.  You won't be dissappointed!

Because the prints are fabric will creases be seen when the lights are turned on?

No.  The prints have a slight stretch in them so when the wall is assembled any creases are pulled out.