L-Banner POS Banner

These days, many people prefer a tension banner to a pull-up one because it is far easier to have the graphic re-skinned or even to order new ones. Our POS L-Banner banner is both a professional and an economical choice with photo quality graphics. Read more


High Quality Graphic

We use the latest in digital printing technology to ensure that you receive a professional looking banner. We pride ourselves on delivering photo quality graphics.

Tension vs Pull-Up

The L-Banner is a tension one, which means that the graphic doesn’t retract into the supporting base. It is comprised of an L-shaped supporting foot (hence the name) and a foldable central support pole, which the graphic is secured to using eyelets.

Other Sizes Available

Whilst the standard L-Banner is 800mm wide x 2270mm high, if you require a different size please contact us and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

How does the L-Banner differ to a pull-up one?
Is the banner easy to set up and pack away?
What is the graphic on the banner like?