Jumbo Outdoor Display

Ensure that your business is really noticed with our jump outdoor displays. They look and feel at home on golf courses, car dealership forecourts, exhibitions, tradeshows or even alongside sporting fields at events. With one of these displays, you’re sure to be a step above the rest. Read more


Large Construction

There can be no denying that the jumbo outdoor display is big – it is variable in size up to 2.5m wide and 2m high! Imagine putting two displays side by side – that’s an incredible 5m worth of your business’ message, highly visible and easily readable!

Attractive Graphics

The graphics for our jumbo displays are printed using an opaque Digitex synthetic canvas fabric in full colour, ensuring that everyone will take notice of your brand. The graphics are quick and easy to load onto the patented spring tensioning system for your convenience.

Easily Transportable

One of the main concerns surrounding this display is that it’s difficult to transport – this, however, is not the case! The display is incredibly lightweight and, when stored in the supplied carry case, will only weigh about 18kg – one or two people will be able to move it with ease.

How is the display secured to the ground?
Can these banners be double-sided or are they single-sided only?
Is there a guarantee?