Expo Panel

The custom expo panel maximises the value of every inch of your booth. No space is lost. The panels slide into the shell scheme structure and provide photo quality images. Read more


Maximise Your Space

We all know that space at tradeshows and exhibitions is limited – your booth can quickly become crowded, which can mean that some of your messages are simply not seen. Our expo panels allow you to customise your booth with crystal clear digital images without taking up valuable floor space.

Fits Display Shell Scheme

The panels are printed on 3mm Forex and slot directly into the framework of the shell scheme at the exhibition centre. We can have the panels delivered directly to the expo centre and you can also often arrange for the organisers to install the panels during the initial setup.

High Resolution Graphics

At Displays Direct, we print the highest resolution graphics in Australia. We use the latest technology to ensure that the best image quality and rich colours are achieved.

Are the panels easy to remove at the end of the exhibition?
Do the panels come with a carry case?