Custom Media Walls

The finishing touches can really make or break the success of your event. Our custom media walls provide the perfect backdrop for TV interviews or red carpet events, ensuring that everyone you encounter will become familiar with your branding or any sponsors. Read more


Ideal Backdrop

Media walls – also known as media screens, media backdrops, step & repeat banners, press banners and event backdrops – are perfect for interviews, photo shoots, special events and other occasions which require a branded backdrop.

Variety of Options

We offer a variety of products to suit this market in a range of sizes and price points; our gallery showcases just a few of the options that we have available. Please get in touch with us so that we can discuss your requirements and determine the best solution for your company or event.

Solid Frames

Our custom media walls are built on solid frames that won’t move or distort, which makes them perfectly safe for use in high traffic or public spaces. The fabric can be either flat or curved, depending on the look that you are ultimately trying to achieve.

Can my branding message be replaced at a later date?
How do I store and transport the wall?
How long does it take to set up the wall? What is the process?