Campaign Wall Exhibition Display

Are you sick of displays that take forever to set up and are so complex that you need a manual? Our Campaign Wall exhibition display system is easy to use, highly versatile, lightweight at around 9kg and takes only ten minutes to set up. Read more


Single & Double-Sided

This portable exhibition display can be printed double-sided if you want to provide more exposure for your brand message. It also allows the wall to act like a partition. Multiple walls can be joined together to create a longer one whilst retaining the flexibility of having smaller walls for different events.

Freestanding or Against A Wall

As these walls are straight, they rely on paddle feet for stability. When used as a freestanding wall or partition, these feet will protrude from either side of the display. When used against a wall or other support backdrop, the feet can be altered so the back is nearly flush.

Optional Carry Case

Whilst the exhibition display wall comes with a canvas carry case, you can also opt for a larger, wheeled, plastic moulded transit case with a printed graphic wrap and counter top. The transit case will leave you with plenty of room to store other items and doubles as a handy counter for your booth.

How to Assemble

Personalise Your Booth

One of the best things about exhibition display systems in Australia is that they enable you to completely personalise your booth. The walls can feature your branding or share other important information that enables you to stand out from the crowd.

Use as a Media Screen

Our portable exhibition displays can also be used as media screens! If you’re planning to have a presentation, an awards night or maybe a seminar, then our trade show displays can be used as a media screen backdrop for the event.

High Resolution Digital Graphics

All of the display systems supplied by Displays Direct feature high resolution fabric graphics, which provide a professional and photo quality finish. The graphics are resistant to fading and tearing, which makes them the perfect choice for busy trade show booths.

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